Tuesday, March 06, 2007

2002 Alois Kracher #12

It has been a busy Chinese New Year vacation for me and my family. There is the usual relative visiting, eating out and of course, giving red packets to all the younger ones. I am amazed that I have not put on additional weight, thanks to the calorie burners like running around delivering wines and taking last minute orders.

So, when the last weekend of Chinese New Year arrives and my husband suggested to open the Kracher, I am quite pleased to indulge myself into the world of vino sweetness. Yes, it is a dessert wine that we bought in one of the many Austria trips back in 2004. Kracher is one of the world’s great sweet winemakers. The 2002 harvest has created 58 different lots of trockenbeerenauslese (TBA). It is a category defined by Germany back in 1971 when the wine laws were revised in a bid to bring them closer into line with those of the other members of the EC. Due to the proximity of Austria and Germany, the revised wine laws have been closely followed by Austria. Trockenbeerenauslese wines are produced in minute quantities, in only the finest vintages, from individual grapes that have undergone noble rot to such a degree that they have shriveled to tiny raisins. The sugars in these grapes can go as high as 21.5% abv which is matched with high levels of acidity. This balance creates a dessert wine that does not overpower the palate with sweetness. Indeed, traces of acidity should be identifiable when tasting a fine TBA. Top quality TBAs are among the world’s most expensive wines.

2002 Kracher #12 is an unique wine because it has barely reached 4% alcohol after fermentation. According to the EC regulations, anything below 5% alcohol is strictly not a wine. Therefore, Kracher #12 is called a noble wine rather than a TBA. Regardless, this wine has a fantastic nose of sweet candied fruit and peaches. There is hint of acid and almost negligible honey in the nose. The viscous palate is full of marmalade and apricot flavors. The high acidity has kept the wine in perfect balance, leaving a perfect length that shows finesse. It is a very balanced wine. I enjoyed it just by itself without pairing with any food.

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