Sunday, January 21, 2007

Adieu, Art Buchwald

When I first read about Art Buchwald, it was his book “Too Soon to Say Goodbye” which I bought in Borders about 2 months ago. He was such a unique man that I had the strongest urge to fly to his hometown and, like many of his friends and readers, be part of the entourage to his long farewell.

Forever the satirist, he has wished to pass away on a day that no head of state or Nobel Prize winner dies. I bet his wish of having a big obituary in The New York Times is granted too. A unique man indeed, we probably will not find another Art in a long time. His sense of humor has touched many readers and even in his last book, I would let out hearty laughter in the middle of the night reading it. He has brought new meaning to the definition of “death” whose journey need not be an emotionally draining one and it should not be a taboo subject for one to plan for it when God makes his row call.

I am glad to be “acquainted” with Art in his last journey. His approach in life, turning humor into the best medicine for all mankind’s illnesses has taught me to live life differently. It is subconsciously that I decided to take up French class to open up my unexplored senses, adding new positive energy to my emotions, knowing that I too can breakaway from setting self-imposed career milestones and just do what I enjoy most! Most importantly, it is a plan to have a happy soul to the last day of my life when the time comes.

As Ethel Kennedy puts it, “Arty kept us laughing, from Paris to hospice. Now heaven will be a lot more fun”.

Adieu, Art.

By Cher Lim
Wine Treasures Pte Ltd


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